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Belleville, Ontario
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A Time for Yoga..

Now more than ever, we must take time to step away from the busyness of life and establish a sense of balance. Yoga provides us the opportunity to slow down and carve out much needed time for ourselves.

At sandranelson yogapathways, the goal of practice is to help undo the harmful effects of stress and tension in the body and mind. There is a strong emphasis on relearning proper use of the breath, and practicing yoga in a way that honors your body - respecting your limitations while challenging your abilities. All students are encouraged to do what they can while exploring their own individual potential.

Many people think they can't do yoga. The truth is, yoga is a practice for everyone. A powerful practice that has so much to offer. Your journey along the yogapathway begins wherever you are. Exactly where you are. Yoga will meet you right there. For the young and the elderly, flexible and inflexible, for the physically fit and those who have never exercised a day in their life, yoga has so much to give. The health benefits are countless - and tremendous. From helping us undo the harmful effects of stress to helping us feel more comfortable and confident in our bodies, yoga gives in a big way. It is a powerful bit of "me time". And it just feels wonderful.

The vision at sandranelson yogapathways is to foster inner peace, balance and a sense of physical and mental well-being in the lives of more and more people. Each time another person embraces yoga, this vision comes to fruition.

Enjoy yoga in a fun and relaxed environment.

New students are always welcome.

Respect your limitations. Challenge your abilities. Explore your potential.